Episode 30 - Rocket Fuel and Fairy Dust

November 24, 2021

That’s right folks! Episode 30. It’s so much of a milestone that there was very little prep that went into this raw, unfiltered, slightly tired sounding episode of Drivel recorded at the ungodly hour of 9am. The chaps fill your earholes with tails of car trading, inflation, the phenomenon of firework displays and the theft of a BMW.

There’s also a lot of chat about motoring shows that veer off into views and opinions that nobody asked for and very few will agree with. O gives his commentary (contrary to the thoughts and opinions of Martin Brundle) on the F1 saga of last weekend, much to the delight of Mo. This episode also sees a first, never happened before, once in a Drivel lifetime event and a conclusion that nobody would ever expect to hear.

Here’s to the next 30.

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