Episode 34 - From a Coxster to a Condom

February 24, 2022

5 seconds. That’s how long it takes for the bickering to start in this episode of Drivel. Once the duo figure out their intro and remind listeners that this isn’t a knitting podcast, O decides he doesn’t like Jaguar. Clearly still a bit emotional after the last episode.

Also in this episode, Mo wants to play a game, a game that takes listeners inside O’s mind and somehow results in him admitting that given a choice he would choose to buy a convertible Porsche. As you’ve come to expect there’s also some ranting about lorries that decide its ok to overtake each other in the world’s dullest 56mph race and yet more opinions (that nobody asked for) about recent decisions that have been made in the world of Formula 1.  You will also be offended as O seems to be going for a record to insult almost everyone he can, including his dear wife.

Enjoy! We did. 

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